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WAPDA Employees Housing Society Info & review

Uncategorized December 14, 2016

Employees Housing Society

WAPDA Employees Housing Society

WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society is also known as Wapda Town. It’s located in the southern Lahore adjacent to Valencia Town, PCSIR Phase 2, NFC Phase1 Johar Town, Punjab Government Employees’ Society, and Iqbal Avenue cooperative Housing Society. WAPDA Employees Housing Society is gated and safe. The society has two phases named Phase 1 and Phase 2. Wapda Town Phase 1 is divided into different blocks, including A to K blocks and phase 2 has blocks from M to R. A few blocks in Wapda Town are sub divided, including G1, G2, and G3. The society has simple and stylish homes with latest materials and designs.
There are not only homes in WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society, but it also has other facilities like shops, offices, shopping malls, schools, mosques, parks, playgrounds, colleges, clinics and hospitals, and graveyards. Phase1 is more developed than phase 2. There are small and large homes in WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society, including 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 12 Marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal home. WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society had huge success in phase 1, and that’s the reason of another phase.
WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society has wide roads, and attractive entrance. You can reach this society through College Road or via Valencia town. Wapda Town Phase 1 is more populated compared to phase 2, but Phase 2 is spacious than phase 1.

Commercial area

Commercial area in WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society has a variety of shops and offices. Each block has parks, mosques and shops. Private school branches also exist in WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society. There is city school, beacon house, and grammar school in this society. Property in WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society includes both rental and ‘for sale’ buildings. This housing area is ideal for middle class and even for low income class. Initially the land was cheap in Wapda Town, but now this area is very expensive, but phase 2 is affordable. Several developers invested in WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society, and earned huge profits. People approach this housing society to buy or sell homes, offices, and shops etc. Many property dealers have their offices in Wapda Town Lahore. A real estate dealer in Lahore has complete info about WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society. Before buying any property in Wapda Town, you should compare property prices with other housing areas.
Public and private transportation is available here, including cabs. University and school buses also pass from this society. So, distance does not affect the residents of WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society. Both cheap and expensive homes are available in WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society. Dealers in Lahore can get you ideal accommodation in Wapda Town. You can either live here, or can give your house on rent for monthly income. Wapda Town Phase 2 is not though fully developed, but it will develop in few years. It’s a good time for investors to invest in WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society, especially in phase 2.

WAPDA Employees Housing Society








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Top 9 Commercial Real Estate Projects info & review

Uncategorized December 14, 2016

Commercial Real Estate

Top 9 Commercial Real Estate Projects

A variety of commercial real estate projects make it hard for us to see which one is the best. Especially, investors are always in search of promising commercial projects where they can invest without any fear. Let’s have a look at top 9 commercial real estate projects in Pakistan.

Atlantis Mall

Atlantis Mall




The Atlantis Mall is a new commercial project located in F-17 sector in Islamabad. A team of builders developed this project for both commercial and residential purpose. Atlantis mall has shops and residential units with 1 to 4 bedrooms. Atlantis mall is a blend of retail and entertainment area along with restaurants. One stop shop is the basic theme of Atlantis mall. It has beautiful architecture and interior design.


Paradise Tower

Paradise Tower






It won’t be wrong to say that Faisalabad is a hub of commercial projects, and Paradise Tower is one of them. The tower is located near D-Ground, a famous commercial area in Faisalabad. Paradise Tower has 11 floors, and the design includes modern and stylish interior.

Saba Commercial

Saba Commercial






Saba Commercial is located in DHA Phase5 in Karachi. The property in Saba Commercial is very cheap, so it’s good time for investors to invest in Saba Commercial. The design meets all modern and technological standards. The project has apartments, offices, and shops.

Executive Complex

Executive Complex




Rise of commercial projects in Islamabad has made it even more popular among investors. The Executive Complex is located in Sector G-8 that’s a well-known housing sector in Islamabad. Pakland builders are running this project that includes corporate offices and shops. Installment facility is available for shops in Executive Complex. The building is resistant to earthquake and it is well equipped with firefighting tools. The complex has wide stair area and lobby. Spacious parking area can accommodate a variety of vehicles. There are homes, parks, schools, mosques, offices, clinics, and several other facilities in Sector G-8.

Bahria Town Icon Tower

Bahria Town Icon Tower






Icon Tower is located in Bahria Town Karachi, and will become the tallest building in Pakistan. Icon tower is designed with most advanced features and technology. Shahrah-e-Firdous in Clifton is already an advanced area in Karachi that increased the value of this project. It is highly secured, and the building also meets the wind tunnel criteria.

Hattar Industrial Estate

Hattar Industrial Estate




Hattar Industrial Estate is located in Hattar, KPK. This is one of the best commercial real estate for investment. Hattar Industrial Estate is near Dunga Kas, and after few years it will become a hub of industrial buildings.

Jinnah Center

Jinnah Center





Another project located in Islamabad is Jinnah Center. The project will reach the finishing stage in 2018. It has shops, offices, and residential units, and each building has stylish and modern design.

Mall of Islamabad

Mall of Islamabad






Mall of Islamabad is a project of Bahria Town, that’s a famous name in the real estate. The mall is located in blue area which is a renowned commercial sector in Islamabad. Success of Mall of Lahore motivated Bahria town builders to start another mall in Islamabad. You can have beautiful view of Margalla hills from Mall of Islamabad.

Crescent Arcade

Crescent Arcade




Crescent Arcade is located in Sector G-8, and it’s under development. It has both commercial and residential units. This project is ideal for both investors and executives. Crescent Arcade is best for financial institutions and offices.

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Royal Residencia Kahna Kacha Info & Review

Uncategorized December 14, 2016

Residencia Kahna Kacha

Royal Residencia

Royal Residencia is located on Kahna Kacha Road, Lahore opposite to Eden Palace. It’s a beautiful housing scheme with modern facilities, including residential, commercial, educational, recreational, and religious buildings. The residential area has small and large homes, including 4, 6, 8, and 12 Marla homes. Royal Residencia has 5 blocks, including A, B, C, D, and E. Homes have modern designs and most homes are double story so they can meet all needs. Especially, small homes are planned to accommodate rooms on ground and first floor. Royal Residencia is best for middle class, and low income people. It’s difficult to get a modern but affordable home, and Royal Residencia has made it possible for us. Royal Residencia has well developed and modern infrastructure.

Qualities and features

Public Buildings
Royal Residencia has every essential facility for its residents, including community center. The entire community can get together in the center for monthly meetings and different events. Residents often feel connected due to different activities.
Recreational Area
Royal Residencia has a variety of recreational features, including parks, mini golf course, Cineplex cinema, and wild life park. So, both young and old residents can have fun in their free time. Theme park is an attractive feature of Royal Residencia that is based on wildlife. Kids love animals and open space where they can have fun.
Commercial Area
Royal Residencia has small and large shops, office, and banks, etc. Shopping mall has Italian design and it accommodates variety of products. Main shopping mall is located in the center near main road. You won’t have to go other areas for shopping.
Miscellaneous Features
Royal Residencia has mosque named Yousuf mosque where people can pray and get together for religious activities. It also has a resort with well decorated rooms for gusts. Gym is also a part of Royal Residencia where young and old can visit for fitness sessions and exercise. Marquee is another feature designed for the residents, and for outsiders.
Good Security
Royal Residencia has gated entrance with guards and security cameras. It will soon become the safest place to live in Lahore. The residents won’t have to worry about any security issues in Royal Residencia.
Royal Residencia is an excellent project where you can invest fearlessly. After complete development Royal Residencia will become a best place to live in lahore. You can get land or home in Royal Residencia through real estate dealers in Lahore. Royal Residencia has society office located within the project. You can get plot form from the office for property matters. People approach Royal Residencia to get land for residence or for commercial purpose.

Royal Residencia
A variety of property will be available in Royal Residencia, including land, homes, and shops. The society has its own website where you can get property information. Several property websites also cover Royal Residencia housing scheme. Whether you get property info from property dealers or from websites, it should be authentic. Royal Residencia is well planned, modern, affordable and safe society in Lahore.

Royal Residencia

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Govt Employees Cooperative Housing Society info & review

Uncategorized December 14, 2016

Housing Society

Govt Employees Cooperative Housing Society

Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society is located on College Road in Lahore. This housing society is basically for Punjab Govt employees, but now it accommodates all types of people. Also known as PGECHS, the society has homes, schools, parks, shops, offices, mosques, clinic, hospital, and graveyard.. There are several other societies near Govt Employees Cooperative Housing Society, like Township, Faisal Town, Wapda Town, PIA Housing Society, Valencia, and Khyaban Zohra. College Road links this housing area to several other posh societies in Lahore. There are different homes in this society, including 5, 7, 8, 10 Marla to 1 and 2 Kanal. The society has two phases, and each phase is divided into blocks. Each block has homes, shops, parks, and mosque. Property in Phase1 is developed and majority of homes are constructed. Commercial and residential land is still available. But, Phase2 is under development and will take time.

Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society has special quota for Govt employees. Land is cheaper for Govt employees, but expensive for general public. The housing society has its office within the area, and residents can contact society office for any issue. Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society has not only homes, but apartments and commercial flats are also located here. The variety of homes makes this society best real estate investment in Lahore. Single and multistory homes are available here on rent and for sale. Double story home is good for living and for investment. Lots of tenants are living in this housing scheme, and rents are also affordable.

Commercial sector

Commercial sector in Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society has shops and offices and shops have a variety, including grocery stores. Clinics are also a part of this society. Boutiques and beauty parlors also exist in Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society. Different people invest in this society, including developers, property dealers and others. Both commercial and residential property can get you profit in this housing area.
Transport of every kind is available in this society, including buses, cabs, and rickshaws. People living in Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society also have their own cars and bikes. College Road has a variety of transport that can easily reach Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society.

Govt Employees Cooperative Housing Society

The society has well planned infrastructure and wide roads. Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society is very safe, because it has gated entrance. Guards and security cameras further makes Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society safe to live. Apartment buildings are also getting popular in Lahore, including GECHS that has apartment buildings in commercial area, where you can live or make an office.


Govt Employees Cooperative Housing Society

Many shops have flats on first floor for residence. Students and bachelors can easily afford apartment in new housing schemes. Property dealers help people buy and sell property in Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society. Initially, the land was cheap in this society, but now prices have increased. Lahore is a populated area and people move here from all over Pakistan, so massive population is the reason behind the development of new housings schemes.

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Fazaia Housing Scheme info & review

Uncategorized December 14, 2016

Fazaia Housing Scheme

Fazaia Housing Scheme is a private society that was meant for Air force employees. But, now the society is also open for civilians. Fazaia Housing Scheme is located on Canal, and it’s linked to Rashid Minhas Road and Raiwind Road, Lahore. There are several other societies next to Fazaia Housing Scheme, like Bahria Orchard, AWT Phase II, Chinar Kot, Sui Gas II, Regent Park Housing Lake City, Eden Garden Homes, Eden Abad homes, Khayaban e Amin, and DHA Rahbar. There are 10 to 32 Marla and 1 Kanal plots in Fazaia Housing Scheme.  The society has two phases with residences, school, college, community center, public buildings, commercial area, parks and graveyard.
The society is divided into residential and commercial sector. Commercial area is designed around a roundabout in block A and K, and it has beautiful landscape. The residential area consists of blocks from A to K that has homes, shops, and other buildings. Zaamin Villas are also a part of this society. The society office is located on Rashid Minhas Road, and its purpose is to serve the residents in different matters regarding their property. Large parks and green belts in Fazaia Housing Scheme make it very attractive.
The society is not yet fully developed; especially Fazaia Housing Scheme Phase2 has vast vacant land. Fazaia Housing Scheme Phase1 has beautiful and stylish homes. Most homes are double story that accommodates different rooms. There is a great trend among home owners to give one portion on rent, as it’s a form of life time investment. Property dealers in Fazaia Housing Scheme can get you good land for construction or for investment. Both residential and commercial property in Fazaia Housing Scheme is ideal for investment.

plots and homes

The society has only large plots and homes which are allotted to high rank Air Force officers. All features in Fazaia Housing Scheme are of high standard. Several real estate dealers and developers invest in Fazaia Housing Scheme, because land is affordable. But, after few years Fazaia Housing Scheme will become expensive. The land is mostly allotted to Fazaia officers who further sell it to different people. High quality and a variety of property make Fazaia Housing Scheme a promising project.
Fazaia Housing Scheme also has several buildings for recreation, including club, community center with spa, swimming pool, and tennis courts. Special marquee is designed in Fazaia Housing Scheme for different events. You can plan a wedding function, birthday party, or anniversaries in this marquee. Vast land in Fazaia Housing Scheme is designed for parks and playgrounds. Private schools are important part of Fazaia Housing Scheme where both boys and girls can have high quality education.

Fazaia Housing Scheme









Fazaia Housing










Secured Society
Fazaia Housing Scheme is very secured, because its gated and high alert security is provided here. Air force security is also provided in Fazaia Housing Scheme. Lots of residents also keep their own security systems. A variety of transportation is available near this housing sector. Most residents also have their own transport, like cars, and bikes etc.

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Eden Housing Scheme sargodha info & review

Uncategorized December 14, 2016

Eden Housing Scheme

Eden developers are well known for their housing projects. Eden housing scheme had huge success in Lahore. Eden Housing Scheme, Sargodha emerged recently and it’s getting very popular. It’s a low income housing scheme located near Khyam Chowk Sargodha. There are 5 Marla, 6 Marla, 7 Marla, and 10 Marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal plots in Eden Housing Scheme, Sargodha. The land is available on installments, and you can easily pay the total amount in 3 years. 10 % discount is also provided to those who can pay lump sum amount.
Eden Housing Scheme, Sargodha is divided into different blocks according to plot sizes. The housing society has pre-designed villas and vacant land. You can buy plot through society office, and can make a dream home of your choice. Small cottage and bungalows will be available in Eden Housing Scheme, Sargodha. The society is especially developed for low income people who are unable to buy expensive land.

Well Planned Infrastructure

Eden Housing Scheme, Sargodha has well designed infrastructure with underground wiring. Wide roads make this housing scheme very spacious. The society is developed in all ways including gas, water supply, and modern sewerage system. You don’t have to pay an extra fee for development.
Other Housing Features
Eden Housing Scheme, Sargodha has all modern facilities of a housing scheme. It has parks, mosques, schools, clinics, shops, offices, and graveyard. Each type of transport is available in this housing society.
Entertainment Areas
Eden Housing Scheme, Sargodha has special places for residents to have fun. Like, it has mini golf club, joy land, and cine gold cinema. There are only few housing schemes which have joy land, and this feature has made Eden Housing Scheme, Sargodha more valuable. Adults can also enjoy playing golf as mini golf course is well equipped. Small and large parks are essential part of Eden Housing Scheme, Sargodha. Cinema is also a part of this society which will play latest movies.

Commercial Area
Eden Housing Scheme, Sargodha has well planned commercial sector with small shops, shopping mall, offices, clinics and hospital, etc. The purpose of this project was to provide economical homes with all facilities.

Eden Housing Scheme








Eden Housing Scheme sargodha












High Alert Security
Eden Housing Scheme, Sargodha is a gated society with high alert security system. Guards and security cameras are provided for the residents. The popularity of this project is because of fool proof security system.
Excellent Investment
Eden Housing Scheme, Sargodha is very safe, modern, and affordable, so it’s an ideal project for investment. Several investors invest in this housing scheme to earn huge profit. Overseas Pakistanis can also invest in Eden Housing Scheme, Sargodha, because the project is very promising. Sargodha is becoming more popular due to Eden Housing Scheme, because people love to live in stylish homes. You can buy land in this society through real estate dealers, or through society office. Many property websites also have information of Eden Housing Scheme, Sargodha. But, always follow authentic information before getting property in new housing schemes.

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Defence Housing Authority Lahore info & review

Uncategorized December 14, 2016

Defence Housing Authority DHA

Defence Housing Authority, DHA is located on Defence Road Lahore. You can reach airport in just few minutes from DHA. Defence Housing Authority has 11 phases, and DHA Phase1 is obviously the initial phase that is completely developed. Defence Housing Authority is a top society in Lahore and Pakistan. Only rich people can afford expensive homes in DHA, especially in Phase1, 2, and Phase3.


DHA Phase 1 is at few minutes’ drive from Badian Road, Lahore International Airport, Walton Road, RA Bazar, Maryam Colony, and Nishat Colony. Phase 1 has A to P blocks with 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 Marla, and 1, 2, 4 kanal houses. Most houses in this society have innovative designs and latest finishing material. DHA Phase 1 has lavish shopping malls. Other features include commercial area, parks, mosques, schools, hospitals, clinics, shopping plazas, community center, sports complex, and graveyard. This phase has a renowned hospital, named National hospital. It’s a posh society so recreational activities meet all needs of the high class. There is golf course within the community center, club, tennis court, and swimming pool. DHA Phase1 has both rental and ‘for sale’ property, including homes and commercial buildings.

DHA Phase 2
DHA Phase2 Lahore is located next to DHA Phase 1. DHA Phase 2 is smaller than Phase1, and it has 6 blocks from Q to V. DHA Phase2 has residences, commercial buildings, schools, offices, and recreational buildings. Commercial buildings have small and large shops. Apartments are also located in Defence Housing Authority. . DHA Phase 2 has both rental and ‘for sale’ property, including homes and commercial

DHA Phase 3
DHA Phase 3 is located on Ghazi Road Lahore adjacent to Al Noor Town. This phase is also A well-known housing sector, including W, X, XX, Y, and Z block. Main Boulevard, Walton, Lahore Cantt, and Cavalry Ground are a few minutes’ drive from Defence Housing Authority Phase 3. DHA phase 3 is also very famous for Y block market that has famous brands, like potpourri, HKB, and Chen One. A variety of restaurants and coffee shops are located in Defence Housing Authority. Several famous beauty parlors also exist in this society. DHA Phase3 is completely developed like Phase1 and 2. DHA Phase 3 has both rental and for sale property, including homes and commercial buildings.

Defence Housing Authority









Defence Housing Authority Lahore











Dha phase 4
DHA Phase 4 is located next to phase 3, and it has 5, 8, and10 Marla to 1 and 2 kanal homes. It’s a large housing sector with blocks, including AA, BB, CC up to JJ. Like other sectors DHA Phase 4 is also a posh area with expensive homes. Other features of DHA Phase4 include a Degree College for Women, schools, club, cinema, Islamic trust hospital, parks and apartments. This is also an expensive area where rental and property for sale is available.
Defence housing authority phase 5 to 8 is half developed and vast vacant land is available here. DHA Phase 9, 10, and Phase11 are new sectors which have only few homes which are also cheap. But, new DHA Phases will become highly expensive after the development.

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City Housing Scheme Gujranwala review

Uncategorized December 14, 2016

City Housing Scheme Gujranwala

Gujranwala is developing fast like other cities of Pakistan. City Housing Scheme Gujranwala is located on Chenab Canal. The society has Phase 1 with 1480 plots and Phase 2 with 986 plots. You can easily reach GT Road Gujranwala from City Housing Scheme. There are 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plots in City Housing Scheme Gujranwala. The society has residences, plots, shops, mosques, schools, parks, playgrounds, and graveyards. Wider roads with landscape around make this society very attractive. The whole infrastructure is well planned, making City Housing Scheme Gujranwala a successful project. Gujranwala used to be a traditional city of Pakistan with old style housing schemes. But, emergence of new housing schemes has made this city a bit stylish.

Housing Sector

The society is divided into different blocks having residences and commercial area. You will see a variety of homes in City Housing Scheme Gujranwala. There are not only single story homes, but also double story homes in City Housing Scheme Gujranwala. Property dealers in Gujranwala are selling a variety of property in City Housing Scheme. The society will have 1 and 2 Kanal homes with beautiful landscape and high quality material. City Housing Scheme Gujranwala is very economical, but property prices are increasing fast. You can consult real estate dealer to get home or land in City Housing Scheme Gujranwala. Flats will also be available in this society for residential and commercial purpose. All buildings follow local bylaws, so the society is safe in all ways.
Commercial Sector
Each block has a small commercial area, including shops of different types. Main commercial area is located in the center of this housing sector. Soon, you would see big shopping malls in City Housing Scheme Gujranwala with stylish interior and exterior. The commercial area will also have offices, and banks. Each type of shop will be available in City Housing Scheme Gujranwala. Large plazas are also getting popular in Gujranwala.
High Alert Security
City Housing Scheme Gujranwala is much secured, because it’s gated and guards monitor every visitor. The society is still developing, but soon it will be complete in all ways. Good security system makes City Housing Scheme Gujranwala very peaceful society. After development, this society will become the safest place to live in Gujranwala.

City Housing Scheme








City Housing Scheme Gujranwala






Best Real Estate Investment

City Housing Scheme Gujranwala meets the needs of all types of people from middle class to high class. Gujranwala is a city of businessmen, so most of them invest in property. Investing in low cost housing schemes is always fruitful, because you can buy cheap property. Apartment buildings are also ideal for those who cannot afford individual homes. Lots of overseas Pakistanis also invest in City Housing Scheme Gujranwala.
Many websites have information about City Housing Scheme Gujranwala. You can get property in this society through property dealers. Some land owners also sell property in City Housing Scheme Gujranwala without involving real estate dealers. However, it’s always safe to involve real estate dealers for buying, selling or renting any property.

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Canal View Housing Scheme Faislabad

Uncategorized December 14, 2016

Canal View Housing Scheme

Faisalabad is a well-known industrial city in Pakistan, and several famous textile groups emerged from this city. Housing industry is also getting popular in Faisalabad due to increased trend of new housing schemes in Pakistan. Canal View Housing Scheme is a new project located on Samundari Road, Faisalabad bypass. From here, you can easily reach other areas in the city in just few minutes. This housing society has a variety of land for residences, commercial buildings, mosques, parks, community center, clinics, hospital, and schools, etc.
Residential plots in Canal View Housing Scheme, Faisalabad includes 4.5, 5, 10 & 20 Marla. Land is also available on installments with 15% down payment. The project is developing and going through allotment process. Canal View Housing Scheme, Faisalabad has prime location that makes it top society in the city. The society has beautiful architecture.
Canal View Housing Scheme, Faisalabad has wide roads surrounded by greenery. Infrastructure is designed according to modern lifestyle. The entire housing scheme is divided into different blocks with commercial and residential land. Small plots are ideal for small families, and they are economical. Land on installments is available for low income people. You can design your home as single story, or with two floors. Canal View Housing Scheme will have a variety of homes after development. You can either buy home in Canal View or can take it on rent depending on your needs.
This housing society is ideal for middle class, because it’s affordable. There are not only residences, but also shops and commercial buildings. After development, you will see high standard shopping malls in Canal View Housing Scheme, Faisalabad. The society will have schools for both boys and girls. Emphasis is given on parks and greenbelts to make the society attractive. Mosques are essential for every housing society, including Canal View Housing Scheme, Faisalabad. The society will have one grand mosque and some small mosques.

Canal View Housing commercial area
Commercial area will have small to large shops, and offices. Apartments are also a part of Canal View Housing Scheme, Faisalabad where you can live or work. The society is gated and highly safe. Lots of investors prefer to invest in new housing schemes like Canal View. You can buy plot, shop, or home in Canal View for investment. Soon Canal View Housing Scheme, Faisalabad will become a top society in the city. After development, the society will have rental and ‘for sale’ property.

Canal View Housing Scheme












Canal View Housing












ideal housing for living
Canal View Housing Scheme, Faisalabad is an ideal housing for living or for investment. You can also design a double story home for living and rental purpose. This society also includes a small hospital, so the residents won’t have to go somewhere in an emergency. Commercial sector is a part of each block, including shops and offices. Main commercial center is located in the center of Canal View Housing Scheme, Faisalabad. The prices are economical in this society, but will gradually increase. According to property dealers, Canal View Housing Scheme, Faisalabad is one of the best real estate investments in the city.

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Askari Housing Scheme South East Lahore

Uncategorized December 14, 2016

Askari Housing Scheme

Askari Housing Scheme is a residential area in the South East of Lahore. Askari Housing Scheme was basically for retired army officers, but later it also opened for civilians. In the beginning Askari Housing Scheme had only one sector, but gradually it expanded up to 11 sectors. This housing society is fully developed except sector 11 which is under development. Initial sectors have simple homes, but new Askari sectors have modern and stylish buildings. Askari Housing Scheme has both small and large homes, including 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal. Residential apartments start from 5 Marla, and go up to 12 Marla. Most property in Askari Housing Scheme is rental, but ‘for sale’ property is also available. Property dealers in Lahore can give you complete information about Askari Housing society.


Miscellaneous Features

Askari Housing Scheme has residences, apartments, commercial buildings, mosques, schools, colleges, parks, gyms, offices, banks, and large shopping malls. Askari Housing Scheme is famous for its apartments which include 1 to 4 bedroom units. Each sector in Askari Housing Scheme is divided into blocks.

Askari Housing Scheme
Askari I
This is a small sector, but it’s very populated. Askari I is basically an apartment area. Individual homes are also located in Askari I.
Askari II
This sector is located next to CMA colony, Iqbal Colony and Custom colony. Askari II has apartments, commercial area, mosque, parks, and homes
Askari III
This sector has only 12 Marla homes which are mostly double story. Purpose of Askari III was to provide high standard living to the residents. Unlike sector I and II, Askari III has new and modern homes. People prefer new sectors in Askari Housing Scheme Lahore, like Askari 10. Askari 4 and 5 is near Gulberg , and it is expensive than other sectors. Though, these are old sectors, but location is very attractive. Askar 6, 7 and 8 are also mostly developed.
Askari 10
It is divided into blocks from A to E, and it’s very close to Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore. Askari 10 is a famous block due to its modern and new buildings. The closeness to airport area makes Askari 10 more valuable. But, people sometime get fed up of noise created by aircraft. Askari 10 has residences, commercial apartments, homes, shops, shopping mall, parks, schools, offices, clinics and hospitals.
Askari 11
Askari 11 is located near Badian Road Lahore. This sector is very economical, because it is yet developing. Lots of vacant land is available in Askari 11 unlike old sectors. Rental apartments in Askari 11 have very low rents, and small apartments are ideal for students or couples. Investors often prefer to invest in Askari 11.
Askari Housing Scheme Lahore is a few miles from Lahore airport. Renowned areas like CMH, Badian Road, DHA, Lahore cant, and Fortress Stadium are located near Askari Housing Scheme. Property dealers have their offices in commercial sectors in Askari Housing Scheme. The entire society is secured and each sector has gated entrance. Rangers also monitor every visitor who enters Askari Housing Scheme.

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