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Askari Housing Scheme South East Lahore

| Uncategorized | December 14, 2016


Askari Housing Scheme

Askari Housing Scheme is a residential area in the South East of Lahore. Askari Housing Scheme was basically for retired army officers, but later it also opened for civilians. In the beginning Askari Housing Scheme had only one sector, but gradually it expanded up to 11 sectors. This housing society is fully developed except sector 11 which is under development. Initial sectors have simple homes, but new Askari sectors have modern and stylish buildings. Askari Housing Scheme has both small and large homes, including 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal. Residential apartments start from 5 Marla, and go up to 12 Marla. Most property in Askari Housing Scheme is rental, but ‘for sale’ property is also available. Property dealers in Lahore can give you complete information about Askari Housing society.


Miscellaneous Features

Askari Housing Scheme has residences, apartments, commercial buildings, mosques, schools, colleges, parks, gyms, offices, banks, and large shopping malls. Askari Housing Scheme is famous for its apartments which include 1 to 4 bedroom units. Each sector in Askari Housing Scheme is divided into blocks.

Askari Housing Scheme
Askari I
This is a small sector, but it’s very populated. Askari I is basically an apartment area. Individual homes are also located in Askari I.
Askari II
This sector is located next to CMA colony, Iqbal Colony and Custom colony. Askari II has apartments, commercial area, mosque, parks, and homes
Askari III
This sector has only 12 Marla homes which are mostly double story. Purpose of Askari III was to provide high standard living to the residents. Unlike sector I and II, Askari III has new and modern homes. People prefer new sectors in Askari Housing Scheme Lahore, like Askari 10. Askari 4 and 5 is near Gulberg , and it is expensive than other sectors. Though, these are old sectors, but location is very attractive. Askar 6, 7 and 8 are also mostly developed.
Askari 10
It is divided into blocks from A to E, and it’s very close to Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore. Askari 10 is a famous block due to its modern and new buildings. The closeness to airport area makes Askari 10 more valuable. But, people sometime get fed up of noise created by aircraft. Askari 10 has residences, commercial apartments, homes, shops, shopping mall, parks, schools, offices, clinics and hospitals.
Askari 11
Askari 11 is located near Badian Road Lahore. This sector is very economical, because it is yet developing. Lots of vacant land is available in Askari 11 unlike old sectors. Rental apartments in Askari 11 have very low rents, and small apartments are ideal for students or couples. Investors often prefer to invest in Askari 11.
Askari Housing Scheme Lahore is a few miles from Lahore airport. Renowned areas like CMH, Badian Road, DHA, Lahore cant, and Fortress Stadium are located near Askari Housing Scheme. Property dealers have their offices in commercial sectors in Askari Housing Scheme. The entire society is secured and each sector has gated entrance. Rangers also monitor every visitor who enters Askari Housing Scheme.

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